Hi, we are CLUB Lodges in Berlin Mitte!

Located in the center of Berlin, just a stone’s throw from the Berlin Wall Memorial, our CLUB Lodges Berlin Mitte welcomes you in a unique atmosphere. 30 cubes providing space for up to 4 people offer simple and modern accommodations. This central location in downtown Berlin means you’re never far from the best attractions the city has to offer. From the Bundestag and Brandenburg Gate to the city’s top clubs and dining, there’s plenty for everyone in the district of Mitte. Experience it all at this favorable hotel Berlin Mitte.

front view cube with building in the background
front view cube with. building in the background
front view cube with building in background

Our cubes

Our cubes – occupying a niche between the classic camping experience and a hotel – are equipped with the nitty gritty. Apropos of nothing, the cubes have no TV. It is missing on purpose as there is enough to see in Berlin. Furthermore, the sanitary facilities are in close proximity to the lodgings.


If you are bored of sightseeing and would like to do sports instead, no problem. In the main season you can book a court for beach volleyball or climb our high rope course to enjoy a beautiful view over Berlin. Even during winter times, you can treat yourself with a little sports unit. Just visit our indoor beach volleyball center for a quick match or go trampolining at our JUMP centers. Either way, fun is sure to follow.

Wooden playground for kids with high rope course in the background

Club Lodges Feeling

The sand between your toes and the easygoing surfer vibes – that makes us unique. Staying with us is an extraordinary experience and is way more than just a city trip full of sightseeing. Wake up, get up, stumble out of your cube and get to know Berlin Beachmitte-style – sounds pretty easy, huh? Beach feeling right in the middle of the city.