General Code of Conduct Covid-19

Dear guests and friends,

According to official guidelines the following Corona rules apply throughout the sports and hotel area.

  • Entering the sports and hotel area is not permitted when showing symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, having direct contact to a Covid-19 infected person or being aware of having a Covid-19 infection.
  • We keep sufficient distance (min 1,5 m) to employees and other guests of Club Lodges or Beachmitte. Therefore, we use the marked paths, are aware of the distancing regulations and avoid group gatherings.
  • We wear cloth face coverings when getting in direct contact with employees from Club Lodges.
  • We can only leave our luggage in the room assigned on arrival due to the current situation. Furthermore, we cannot store our luggage on-site prior check-in time or past check-out time.
  • We disinfect our hands when entering the sports and hotel area as well as the sanitary facilities at the available disinfection stations.
  • We only enter the shower cabinets one at a time and in compliance with the distancing regulations. The same applies to the toilet use – only one person at a time, no group formation.
  • We follow the staff’s instructions at all time. We understand the need of these regulations and won’t start arguing about it.

Look out for each other, enjoy the sun and have a good time!

Your Club Lodges team